Behavioral Studies Level 1 Training
2 Day DISC Level 1 Certification Train The Trainer Pre-Order Your Seat Now! 

November 7 & 8, 2019
in Orlando Florida

2 Day DISC Level 1 Certification Train The Trainer
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2 Day DISC Level 1 Certification- Train The Trainer Live With Bernardo Rossello Personality Insights Master Trainer

November 7 & 8, 2019 Orlando Florida

  • Become a Certified Personality Insights DISC Trainer!

    The objective of the Behavioral Studies Level 1 training modules is to enable participants to DISCOVER, EXPERIENCE, and APPLY the four temperament DISC Model of Human Behavior in order to enhance and positively impact their success both personally and professionally.

  • DISC Model of Human Behavior

    Our training modules are based on the works of William Marston who is the inventor of the Four Temperaments Model of Human Behavior also known as the DISC Model of Human Behavior. From Marston’s work we understand that most people have predictable patterns of behavior.

    These predictable patterns determine your model of the world, how you tend to see life, and will greatly assist you to understand why you often feel, think and act the way you do.

In this highly interactive training program, you will:

  • Learn how to get better results in your personal and professional life
  • Enjoy a fun and interactive atmosphere of learning
  • Develop communication skills that will enhance any relationship
  • Discover pratical tools that are proven, effective and easily applied
  • Enhance your team dynamics and client relationships
  • Learn how to administer and use a Discovery Report online personality assessment
  • Learn about topics such as communication skills, strengths, and relationship development
  • Become an Accredited Trainer in association with Personality Insights Institute
  • Refresher seats are available for this class for those who have already completed a previous DISC Level 1 Personality Insights training

Receive instruction directly from Bernardo Rossello Master Trainer Personality Insights

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Dr. Rohm’s teaching should be required study for all and anyone… I only wish I had been exposed to this critical information twenty-five years earlier.

M. Miller M. Miller

In my 15-plus years of training with Century 21, I have never heard anyone as good as Robert Rohm!  Some of the best training our company has ever received. …
Dr. Rohm is great!

National Training Manager National Training Manager
 Century 21

Training Curriculum

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Additional Resources

Online Resources, Personality Insights

As a Consultant with Personality Insights, you can provide multiple versions of the Adult Profile to your clients, which you are able to purchase on demand (no inventory necessary) at wholesale pricing.

There are 4 main versions which provide analysis from:

6 pg Concise, 30 pg Standard, 50 pg Extended, 63 pg Leadership

We also offer specialty Sales and Fitness versions as well, in addition to a Hiring Insights Assessment for pre-hiring assessments.

Another unique offering with Personality Insights is that we offer Concise and Extended versions for Children (5-12) and for Teens (13+) as well. These are written specifically to fit their age brackets.

About DISC Americas

DISC Americas is presenting this Level 1 Certification Live in Orlando Florida featuring Bernardo Rossello. It is our pleasure to bring  to you this certification where Bernardo Rossello will be teaching this class.


About Bernardo

Bernardo  has a Master in Education in Adult Education and Distance Learning. Also he earned his Master Trainer status with Personality Insights. He was Personally taught by Dr. Robert Rohm and J.J. Brun.


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